John – Bardwell Park

Thank you very much for installing the 5kW ac solar system on my home at Bardwell Park.

I am writing to say how pleased I was with the project – especially the advice you gave me when deciding what type of equipment to install and the very professional way that you installed it. I have recently received first account from the electricity supplier since the installation and the savings achieved fully met my expectations.

Based on your advice, I chose to install SolarEdge panels with optimizers and this enabled me to install two sets of panels – one directed towards the north and the other towards the west – while maintaining maximum performance of all panels.

Even during the winter months, the system has consistently generated more energy each day than my average daily consumption. Please keep me updated on the cost/reliability/life of modern batteries as I am sure that the time is fast approaching when I will be able to justify the cost of installing batteries to further reduce the amount I have to pay to purchase power off the grid.

Once again, thank you for the great job you did for me.

Feel free to pass on my mobile number to any prospective customer. If they call me, I would be only too pleased to personally let them know how happy I am with the installation.

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