Lighting upgrades – Installation & Repair

Need lights installed, replaced or Repaired

The lighting in your Sydney home is an essential part of our homes.

As your local electrician we are able to repair & install lighting solution to suit your requirements.

Since the rise of LED lighting and especially LED downlights our fantastic clients are reaping the benefits of cheaper, brighter warmer lighting.

Led Lighting is the most energy-efficient and constantly developing technology, Led stands for Light-emitting diode.

Led lighting has huge benefits over traditional lighting they Include:

  • Have a long lifespan
  • Energy efficient ( reducing your energy consumption )
  • Better Lighting quality
  • Better dimming ability

Eco Electric Solutions are expert in designing and installing customized lighting solutions to meet your specific needs.

Why Should you upgrade your homes Halogen Down Lights to Led !

Why Should you upgrade your homes Halogen Down Lights to Led !

Halogen Down lights besides being old and outdated are a potential fire hazard shall they be non maintined. Halogen downlight produce a lot of heat whilst creating sub standard lighting.
Upgrading you homes downlight whilst completly transforming your homes lighting creates a safer home for your family.

Energy Saving

Light Emitting diodes ( LED ) is a highly efficient lighting technology they use up to 75% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than traditional lighting.