Eco Your Home

Eco Your Home

Our electrical services can make your entire home sustainable.

This service includes but is not limited to, designing and installing solar systems, installing battery storage, LED upgrades, and other eco-friendly alternatives.

We can completely customize our electrical solutions to suit your needs.


By simply implementing energy-efficient alternatives you can
make an energy-efficient home that is comfortable and reduces your
environmental footprints whilst saving costs! Energy is in growing
demand and with the rising cost of energy bills, there has been a focus
on sustainability and the development of energy-saving technologies
to reduce energy consumption and improve overall energy efficiency
in Australian homes. As electricity prices increase, more Australian
households are turning to renewable energy to reduce their energy
costs and carbon footprint. The Low Carbon Living CRC findings show
that Australian homes generate 13% of Australian carbon emissions.
Part of this significant energy consumption is used in the form of
lighting, heating, cooling, and the supply of hot water. By
implementing energy-efficient alternatives in your home, you can
make your home more energy efficient, reducing economic costs due
to lower energy consumption!

Solar Systems

Solar panels convert sunlight into DC electricity,
which is then converted to AC power to be used directly to your home
instead of drawing power from the grid. Investing in a quality solar
system can reduce your energy bills by up to 50%. Installing a quality
system with an extended product and workmanship warranty is
definitely a safe long term investment

Eco Electric Solutions Pty Ltd believes in renewable energy and specializes in designing and installing solar systems & Battery storage solutions to suit your individual requirements.

All of our solar installs include:

complimentary monitoring:

We are notified if there are any issues, and we will contact you to let you know what’s going on with your system. So you’re never left in the dark!

Extensive 15-year workmanship warranty & support:

Eco Electric Solutions provide extensive customer support & warranties. Protecting your long-term investment making sure it is hassle-free for years to come. Our aim is the providing customer with industry-leading customer support.

No Hassel Installation:

Eco Electric Solutions aim to get your system installed within 1 month of quote acceptance.

Catch Power:

The ability to increase self-consumption of your system even when you are not home is an absolute must, not every homeowner can afford a home battery to store excess energy.

Catch power relay is an all-in-one device that gives you absolute control of your solar system. Having the ability to control a load so it only operates on excess solar or when scheduled to top up the system.

Electric hot water systems would be an excellent example of the use of catch power.

Solar Home Battery

The future is electric the uptake of home batteries has been astronomical in the last few years, and the ability to have energy independence from the grid is really rewarding however they do come at a high cost.

DC Coupling Batteries are a great efficient way to install batteries usually done alongside the new installation or added to a hybrid inverter. DC coupling eliminates the conversion process needed to charge AC-coupled batteries. This process also allows for extended oversizing of the PV array, whilst reducing the amount of clipped energy.

AC Coupling Batteries

AC Coupled batteries are a great option for retrofitting batteries to an existing solar system, the most common one being the tesla power wall. AC coupling involves multiple conversion processes to charge the battery and invert back to AC to meet house old loads. The major downside to AC coupling is systems that are export limited, as the inverter does not see the battery as a load.

At Eco Electric Solutions we are Clean Energy Council battery accredited and are a Tesla Approved Installer.

Efficient Efficient Led Lighting

Upgrading your home’s lighting can greatly increase efficiency, whilst reducing maintenance.

Energy-Efficient Heat Pumps.

Heat pumps hot water services are an efficient and effective way of providing reliable hot water for your home.

Heat pumps can deliver up to 80 % energy savings, and are 5 times more efficient than conventional water heaters.

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